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-Glitch report- 1:if you drop the life module there is a chance that it doesent kill you. 2: still speaking of life modules, if you click the life module while its resetting, you get an error. Hope it helps!

Hey! Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate it!

Nice concept and I like the style.

I feel the controls could be optimised slightly. It's a little cumbersome when if say I want to make a cube go right then down, I have to drag on the right module, then drag the right module back off onto me, then drag the down module onto it, then drag the down module back onto me. Perhaps if the puzzles were more challenging it wouldn't be as noticeable, but I'm not sure why I can't just drag one module on top of a cube and have the current one it's holding return to me, rather than be sprung out to a random nearby location; as far as I can tell there was never a situation where being able to simply drag the new one on and get the old one back would break anything. 

Thank you, and I like your suggestion!

Making this game was a neat learning experience, and it's a shame I hadn't thought about it during its development, 'cause your suggestion is a great quality-of-life improvement. Unfortunately, I don't plan to update the game anymore. Had it come to mind then, I would have been glad to try and make the controls a little more intuitive, given that it shouldn't have been too difficult to change it up -- and honestly, maybe not even as it stands is now.

I'll have to try and think a little more intuitively in the future. Thanks again, though; I appreciate your insight!

Are you supposed to be able to take modules back off the cubes as they move away? It makes things very easy, and all the puzzles are still possible without it..

Damn it! It's an exploit; you aren't supposed to be able to do this. Was hoping noone would figure this out, but alas...! 

Haha, I figured as much. Fantastic game regardless. I had a lot of fun with this one.

Great game. But...
That causes game to halt.
Interesting mechanics and art.

*Hope that issue will be fixed later.


Now I've fixed it!

This game logo made me remember dark post soviet time..

It's strikingly similar!