A downloadable space-shooty-shooty for Windows

Pilot a ship and shoot asteroids. The goal is to reach a mighty high score, which unlocks the final stage.

The controls are left and right to rotate, up to boost and space to fire. If you need to restart from the very beginning, press "R". The game lacks a pause feature and a save and load feature.

While the game is playable and all, it all boils down to the fact that I wanted to learn how to make games. I've merely followed Shaun Spalding's game making tutorial, Your First Game, and added some extra things. It's been a fun ride, and with version 1.04 I'm ready to move on from this little project.

Install instructions

After the .zip file has been downloaded, it must be unpacked. You will find the option to unpack it by right-clicking the given file. Once the contents have been unpacked, it will create a new folder (if you've chosen that option), which includes the game in the form of an executable alongside some other files. Then you can just open the executable to play the game.


Remaking Asteroids 1.04 13 MB