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The game is definitely very buggy, but still a good proof of concept. Take this jam as many notes. For 3000 examples never have levels without retry, just have the collectable be the exception to the reset always. Definitely don't have going back to previous levels on accident possible. Have a menu and level select so if someone does go back it doesn't force them to redo stuff. Also test your stuff way more, there were alot of times when the grapple missed or hit incorrectly cause I was in-between blocks. Other than that the design of everything was amazing overall (levels, graphics, controls, and music).

I'll take these points with me! Lots to learn, and lots to improve upon. I believe I'll be able to address all these issues in due time, given that the game is slowly being remade from the bottom up.


Really cool, you have great level design skills, the puzzle are really well done and well balanced.
The platforming aspects are also great, with the ledge tolerance, or input buffering for the jump ! and I love the cute music !

Thanks a bunch! Maybe I have a little stage-based trait!


I really like this and I hope you continue work on it. The gameplay is fun and the music is super cute and good! What's the best way to stay updated on if you develop this further?


Awesome! I too hope to advance this to another level; it'll be a prioritized project that I can work on in my spare time. I could post a devlog here on once I've managed to get it rolling. That'll likely notify you in some way or another -- probably not anytime soon, but sometime!

Really great game, with good art and level design

Thank you kindly!

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this is really fun, we like it a lot! a few criticisms (which i imagine could be fixed for a postjam version) though:

  • having no fullscreen or screen resize is annoying
  • the lack of a save mechanic is particularly frustrating
  • the ability to go back a level had us accidentally having to redo puzzles multiple times
  • the little knockback you get from a failed grapple can sometimes allow you to phase through a wall (if you then go towards the wall immediately after being knocked back right against it)

aside from that, good stuff!


Much obliged! Yes, there were a handful of inconvenient decisions that gave birth to these issues. If I get around to code some more, I'll make some changes. Regardless, I appreciate your insight and bug explaination!

I got trapped in a later room!

I was able to stand on the edge of a platform and grab something that was directly under me. It made me shoot through the map.

The game is super cute by the way, I love the graphics and music!

I'm amused to hear that you found that bug! Couldn't find a good fix for this in time, so I reduced the chances of it happening, but alas, here comes Glecho ...!

Thanks a lot! It means plenty!

is there a link to the soundtrack? both it and the game are so good

Makes me happy to hear that! Unfortunately, I've got no link available; however, I've uploaded a .zip-file containing both soundtracks, in case it suits you as a different solution.

yeah that works, thanks!

Brilliant idea, I hope you make more honestly.

Hopefully a continuation doesn't stay a dream forever! In due time, it may return anew.

Brilliant game!!! I love the artstyle and the music made me pumped for...puzzlesolving? didnt even know that was possible in my case. The puzzle design is excellent, really had to crack my brain at times but the "aha" moment feels nice and deserved when i actually get it. Hope to see this turned into a full game, would love to play much much more.

Yay!!! Good thing the aesthetics clashed nicely and the levels paid off well! I'd love to make a continuation, granted that I'd have more time. I'll also have to up my dev-game!

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Congrats on making top 20 in the GMTK Jam! I wanted to reach out to ask if you would be interested in participating in an interview about your experience during the jam? Interviews are conducted over Discord and presented live on Twitch.

I'm shook; can't say I ever anticipated an interview. Thank you for the kind invitation, but I'm afraid I must respectfully decline. I'd be stuttering my teeth off ...!

That’s completely fine! As an option, I could also send you the interview questions and read your replies on stream without you having to be live. Either way, thanks for responding to me and best of luck with your future development endeavors!


Hey, I'm the developer of Whale Eater! Congrats on winning the pulling blocks category! The game looks really clever, definitely gonna have to try it out later

It's you! Thank you very much!

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Super charming! Loved it. Took me about 20 minutes.

Is it possible that the 2nd room with a collectible/trinket doesn't restart properly? I think I got stuck there on my 1st attempt at getting the trinket, since I got the battery in a position where I couldn't grab it back, and thus I couldn't get to the next room. Well, I started the game from scratch and got there quickly the 2nd time around, so no harm done. Got the darn trinkets eventually!


Thanks for playing! Took me more than a day!

And you're correct. Rooms with collectibles have been set to be persistent in order to remove the possibility of collecting the same piece multiple times. This affects all objects, hence why the blocks don't go back to their original positions. I didn't realize the battery could be moved into a no-return position, though! Most decisions were made in the spur of the moment, hence various issues.

Fun that you retried and succeeded in round two!


Ah I just about suspected it was the same in all trinket rooms, I just didn't get stuck in any of the others so I didn't want to assume. Well now I know my lost time was for a good cause—saving you the hassle of implementing object-specific persistence. A sacrifice I'm more than happy to make for a fine game like this.


This is awesome! Super clever idea!